The Highest-Paying Jobs in Massachusetts Aren't Very Surprising

And the Highest-Paying Jobs in Massachusetts Are … not really too surprising (surgeons, oral surgeons, engineers, ob-gyns), but the searchable database by state, industry, and title is pretty interesting to use and gives a context of comparision.  [Boston Business Journal]

Percentage of Boston Public School Graduates Completing College Is Increasing. The rate of BPS grads earning bachelor’s degrees, associate’s degrees, or professional certificates within six years of enrollment increased from 40.6 percent for the class of 2000 to 49.2 percent for the class of 2006, according to a Boston Foundation report out today. That’s definite progress toward Mayor Menino’s goal of 52 percent for 2009 graduates, but the report questions whether BPS is on track to meet the goal of 70 percent of 2012 graduates completing some type of degree within six years of enrollment.  [Globe]

Doc Rivers Has Funny Feelings About Coaching Against Son Austin. “You see your son run by you down the floor—I mean, that’s just different,” Rivers said on Wednesday after the Celtics lost, 90-78, to the New Orleans Hornets. “The one time he made the layup in front of our bench and runs right by you, you know I’m used to being like, ‘Keep going!’ and instead I’m yelling at my guy for letting him get to the basket. It’s just different.”  [WBZ]

Ethan Gilsdorf Argues That We (As in Some People) Need Violent Video Games. Gilsdorf, author of “Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks,” takes the not-so-popular stance, comparing violent video games to other forms of entertainment that have become scapegoats throughout the years: comic books, rock ‘n’ roll, and heavy metal.  [WBUR]

Good Will Hunting: Then and Now. A slideshow showing the difference that 15 years have made on key locations from the movie. (And thank goodness that kayaker isn’t still on the Charles.)  []