Senate Opens Confirmation Hearing for John Kerry as Secretary of State

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Opens Hearing for John Kerry as Secretary of State. Kerry was introduced to the committee he chairs by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Sen. John McCain. “I’m particularly aware that in many ways, the greatest challenge to America’s foreign policy will be in your hands, not mine,” Kerry said. “It’s often said that we can’t be strong at home if we’re not strong in the world.”  [Washington Post]

Robert De Niro Producing Neo-Nazi TV Series Called 'The 4th Reich' Set in South Boston. And if you thought the reaction to “Southie Rules” was bad, this is even worse—for obvious reasons.  “I am tired of Hollywood writing and rewriting scripts and making movies that characterize people from Boston and South Boston in such a grotesque and unflattering light,” Rep. Nick Collins told the Herald. “If this is all De Niro has left in the tank, he should just retire.”  [Herald |]

Brian Scalabrine Proves, Once and for All, That Hobbyists Can't Beat Him. Scalabrine, tired of hearing everyday mortals say they could school him one-on-one, decided to take a few people up on their offer as part of The Toucher & Rich One-on-One Scallenge. He beat his opponents by a combined total of 44-6.  [WBZ]

Tom Brady Fined $10,000 for Unnecessary Roughness During AFC Championship Game. Brady slid and then kicked Baltimore's Ed Reed, who has been fined more than $100,000 for hits during this season. Brady later called Reed to apologize.  [WHDH]

In Which Joan Vennochi Connects Beyoncé to Hillary Clinton. [Globe]