Celtics Co-Owner Turned Down a Ridiculous Offer for the Team

Celtics Co-Owner Says He Turned Down a Ridiculous Offer for the Team. The new issue of Forbes gives a look into the Business of Basketball, and the Celtics rank as the fourth most valuable NBA team ($730 million) behind the Knicks ($1.1 billion), Lakers ($1 billion), and Bulls ($800 million). Co-owner Wyc Grousbeck wouldn't say who or how much, only this: “I just turned down a ridiculous number for this team.”  [Forbes]

Staples Founder Slams Harvard for Cheating Scandal Response. “Dear Drew” is how the letter from Staples founder and Harvard alumnus Tom Stemberg starts and doesn't seem to let up from there. He slammed the university for equally punishing two groups of students in the Government 1310 class “through a seemingly endless judicial process” that “damag[ed] the educational experience and the reputation of scores of innocent students.”  [The Crimson]

Massachusetts Senate Roll Call Votes Will Be Posted Online. The Senate adopted a proposal requiring roll call votes to be posted online within 48 hours. It will take effect no later than May 1.  [AP]

Pay-What-You-Can Panera Cafe Brought In 109 Percent on First Day. If its first-day earnings are any indication, the new Panera Cafe near Government Center may be showing that we aren't all a bunch of heartless jerks, at least for the next couple of weeks. “It’s normal to see very high contributions in the first few weeks and we expect that number to fall off a bit as our newness wears off,” Kate Antonacci, Panera Cares project manager, told the Globe. “But it is a good sign and is very inspiring for our team to see such generosity on opening day.”  [Boston.com]

Buy a Burrito, Get a Burrito—Or Give It to a Child In Need. Today is the final day of Boloco's buy-one-and-get-or-give-one offer benefiting the Horizons for Homeless Children Organization (or, for the takers in the bunch, your own stomach).  [Facebook]