Menino's State of the City Entrance Will Be Like 'Larry Bird Returning to the Garden'

Mayor Menino Entering Faneuil Hall Will Be Like 'Larry Bird Returning to the Garden.' Those words are from former state representative James T. Brett, who Menino defeated in 1993. “The noise level is going to be at an all-time high in the sense of the enthusiasm for the mayor,” Brett told the Globe. Former city councilor Michael J. McCormack had this to say: “When he walks down the aisle at Faneuil Hall with a cane under his own power, it’s going to be one of those defining Boston political moments. …”  []

An Illustrated Guide to the Messy Relationship Between Politicians and Sports References. It's kind of funny when you look at this fantasy line-up: Wilcock, Gonk, Grabowski, KJ, Hondo, Weckler, Manny Ortez, the other Manny Ortez, Mike McGwire, Sammy Sooser.  [WGBH]

Our Third Senate Election In Four Years Could Kick Off This Week. Depending on if/when John Kerry is confirmed as Secretary of State.  [AP]

Potential Jurors Have a Wait for Zumba Prostitution Trial. The jury pool waited four days in the courthouse basement during proceedings in the trial of Mark Strong Sr. for his role in the Zumba prostitution scandal that rocked Kennebunk, Maine.  [AP]

Honda Trunk + Welding Equipment + Vapors + Remote Keys = Honda Explosion. “I unlocked my car. I popped my trunk then my car exploded all over the parking lot,” Jackie Sugrue told WHDH.  [WCVB | WHDH]