Scott Brown's Late-Night Tweets Have Become a Viral Sensation

When non-famous people get in alcohol-induced spats over Twitter, the aftermath is often as easy as hitting delete on our ill-considered messages the next day. When former Senator Scott Brown sends cryptic tweets to his haters late on a Saturday night, they go massively viral, inspiring a bizarre new catch phrase: “#Bqhatevwr.”

Brown tweeted the words, “Yes. Get ready,” late Saturday, which many took as a clue that he would in fact run for Sen. John Kerry's Senate seat. Twitter user @MattinSomerville responded, ““Oh we are. You have no idea how ready #MaPoli is to vote to keep you in the private sector & out of #MASen.” What came next has since been deleted by Brown, but collected by several media organizations. Brown tweeted:

Your brilliant Matt



And, immortally:


Obviously, the tortured misspelling and timing had many wondering whether Brown made the all-too-common mistake of tweeting-under-the-influence. (TUI) though no one has actually confirmed that. Within hours, “Bqhatevwr” was trending on Twitter, meaning that any number of the site's users could click on it to see what the fuss was about, spreading its fame. It's yielded many a Twitter joke as well, many of them strained but some of them amusing. And, as with any internet sensation, #Bqhatevwr now has a Tumblr blog to collect the more popular memes. Some of our favorites include:



In the cold, calculating aftermath of #Bqhatewvrgate, political watchers seem to agree that an inoffensive, if ill-considered, typo may forever remain ticklish to the voters of Massachusetts, but it probably won't be very damaging to Brown. (Try explaining the concept of “Drunk Tweeting” to anyone over the age of 65.) That's provided Brown brings good humor to it. So far, his only response has been to delete the Tweets.