John Kerry’s Nomination Passes the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Approves John Kerry’s Nomination. Not surprisingly, the committee vote was unanimous. The entire Senate will vote on Kerry’s nomination later today, and Kerry isn’t expected to take part in that vote.  [Washington Post]

*Gulp* The New Yorker Uses the Word ‘Beantown’ … in its assessment of how brutal it is to be a Boston sports fan these days. Here’s one more reason.  [The New Yorker]

Every Time Mayor Menino Speaks Is Now Speculation Time. This time, it’s a groundbreaking in East Boston, or, as Menino calls it: His coming out party.  []

Ayanna Pressley Calls a Hearing on Boston’s Liquor License Quota. At the hearing, Pressley will explain her bid to change the limit set by the state legislature.  [Universal Hub]

If Tom Brady Leaves You a Voicemail, It’s Probably Just a Recording. Patriots season ticket holders and club members have received this message:

“Hi, this is Tom Brady calling. On behalf of the entire Patriots organization, I want to thank you for the tremendous support you showed our team this past season. Your enthusiasm and passion in the stadium really motivated me and the team on game day. Thanks for being our 12th man on the field. As a season-ticket holder you help provide the foundation for our team’s success and we look forward to welcoming you back in 2013.” [ESPN]