Massachusetts Cities and Towns That Issue the Most Traffic Violations

Massachusetts Cities and Towns That Issue the Most Traffic Violations. WBZ's I-Team crunched the numbers for the largest cities and towns in their viewing area, finding that Brookline tops the list of issued moving violations per capita (26,202 violations per 57,107 people). Boston came in at No. 7.  [WBZ]

Gallup Poll Confirms What We Already Know, Kind Of. Massachusetts is the most liberal state in the U.S., according to a 2012 Gallup poll of more than 200,000 people. 30.5 percent of Massachusetts residents older than 18 identified as liberal, while the District of Columbia came at 40.8 percent liberal.  [TIME]

It's Kind of Sad That This Is Today's Local Coverage of Hillary Clinton. A Buzzfeed-esque slideshow of her facial expressions and a headline proclaiming “Her Legacy, Her Future, and Most Importantly, Her Glasses.”  [ | WBUR]

In Which Howie Carr Recaps Everything He Can't Stand About John Kerry. Good thing he doesn't bury the lede: “This is a great day for Massachusetts. This is the day John Forbes Liveshot' Kerry stops being our senator.”  [Herald]

This Parking Meter Sums Up What It's Like To Drive Around for Spot Only To Land Beside a Broken Meter. Fail.  [imgur]