Rob Gronkowski Dances in Las Vegas, Broken Forearm and All

The Patriots tight end goes at it again.

The good folks at TMZ, who really should be Rob Gronkowski’s official documentarians, have secured a video of the on-the-mend Patriots tight end that surely made Bill Belichick’s offseason a little brighter. The minute-long clip—shot in Las Vegas—is simultaneously hilarious and scary. Just watch as Gronk, sans shirt and wearing a cast on his injured arm, busts a move then hits his buddy with a textbook pro wrestling move.

Here's how TMZ described the action:

As Gronkowski was throwing his friend to the ground, the tight end—who was wearing a protective sleeve on his busted wing—also crashed to the ground and smacked his damaged arm on the stage in the process.

Gronk popped right up and waved his arms around—a sign that he didn't reinjure anything during the stunt—but seriously, HOW DUMB WAS THAT? 

The story even included a little poll question asking if Gronk’s dance moves were “harmless” or “stupid.”

For some reason, “awesome” wasn’t a choice.