There Be Snow In Them Thar' Forecasts

It's always tough to determine whether the hype over a storm is merited, but as this coming weekend draws closer, forecasters seem to be betting big on a snowfall hitting Boston Friday and Saturday. The National Weather Service warns: “A major winter storm will bring the potential for a foot or more of snow across much of the region Friday into early Saturday and travel may become nearly impossible.” Meteorologist David Epstein notes that the forecast shows some snow on Friday but the bulk of it falling Friday night into Saturday. (Say goodbye to dreams of a snow day, kids.) The National Weather Service is predicting 10 to 14 inches which would make it the biggest storm in a couple years, but certainly not the biggest storm in memory. That, of course, falls to the Blizzard of '78 which celebrates its 35th anniversary today. This weekend's event may not rival that one, but we'd still better cue up some Netflix and think of a silly hashtag—#snoweastercaneageddon—or some such thing … so we can all livetweet the snowfall together. Just in case.