Get Ready for a Bunch of Snow: Here's the Latest on Nemo

boston snow

Get Ready for a Lot of Snow: Here's the Latest on Nemo. If you're like us, then you love finding out the latest snowfall predictions for the Boston area. Here's where we're checking in: The National Weather Service set up a snow storm briefing page with all the latest storm updates and announcements. WCVB's Live Wire is aggregating the latest updates from local sources and meteorologists. And finally, blogger/meteorologist David Epstein puts it all in context.

William 'Mo' Cowan Sworn in as Interim U.S. Senator. Cowan takes over John Kerry's vacated seat until the special election on June 25.  [AP]

Whitey Bulger Denied Being an Informant, Says He Paid Off Agents. “I was accused. … I never, I didn’t know that [expletive] John Connolly wrote all those reports and the other guy—what they did is they wrote ­reports making themselves look like Whitey told us what—I never told them a [expletive] thing. I bought [expletive] information; I didn’t sell it,” Bulger said during the recorded call to his brother, John, in September 2012.  [Globe]

This Is What a Maine Medical Marijuana Dispensary Is Like. All Things Considered takes a tour that may be of interest to some folks in Massachusetts.  [WBUR]

Boston Film Critics Pick the Worst Sex Scenes of the 21st Century. Even reading about the scenes is painful.  [The Phoenix]