Matt Damon Will No Longer Use Toilets

Matt Damon Will No Longer Use Toilets. In a satirical YouTube video, launched in support of, Damon says he’ll boycott toilets until everyone on Earth has access to clean water. Initial response: TMI. Next response: Think of it as a 2.0 version of celebs announcing they’re holding off their nuptials until all couples can marry.  [h/t]

Trial of Teen Who Allegedly Murdered Lauren Astley. Opening statements were heard today in the trail of Nathaniel Fujita, who is charged in the 2011 murder of his ex-girlfriend Lauren Astley. Both were 18 at the time of the murder that rocked the Wayland community in July 2011.  [WCVB]

Evidence That The Taxi Stand at Logan Is Like a Banana Republic. Five taxi stand employees were charged with taking bribes for allowing taxis to jump line. Also, this photo.  [AP]

This MS Paint-Esque Graphic Is a Fantastic Explanation of the Evolution of the Masshole. Everything about this thing is so wrong, yet so very right at the same time.  [via Reddit]

David Bernstein on Scott Brown’s Exit and The State GOP’s Absence. “Rather than the field being cleared, that list kept getting longer,” Bernstein writes. “Rather than any of them gaining gravitas, it began to look like a big fight in a very small pond. And things could look even worse soon.”  [The Phoenix]