The Unabashed Home Team Love of NESN’s Jack Edwards

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Like Tommy Heinsohn and Johnny Most before him, NESN’s Jack Edwards is a homer. He doesn’t hide the fact that he loves the Bruins, and it shows. On Tuesday night, however, he took his devotion to the local hockey team to a completely different level. With Boston trailing the Rangers late, things looked bleak. Then, with less than a minute to go, Brad Marchand scored the game-tying goal. That caused Edwards to do this:

“Marchand scores! They did it!” The way Edwards jumps up and down makes him look like a kid waiting for arrival of the ice cream truck. Also: the look on color man Andy Brickley’s face is priceless. Sometimes, Edwards’ shtick is too much to take. But then I remind myself that it’s shtick. He plays it up, usually to amusing effect. He’s self-aware. (At least relatively. He’s still far, far from Chris Berman. That’s a good thing.) So no, I don’t mind if he spends many broadcasts foaming at the mouth.

Oh, and the Bruins ended up losing in a shootout on Tuesday night, but thankfully, not before Edwards did his thing. After all, there’s no point in following sports if you can’t irrationally enjoy them.

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