BREAKING: Rob Gronkowski Likes to Have Fun

On Super Bowl Sunday, the Patriots tight end racked up a $9,600 bar tab.

Apparently, Rob Gronkowski had an even better time in Vegas on Super Bowl Sunday than we originally thought. That night, the jumbo Patriots tight end—OK, OK, by now I’ve run out of adjectives to properly describe his size—racked up a $9,615 bar tab at a club called XS. Busted Coverage has the sordid details:

As you can see, Gronk and his team went hard on the Grey Goose, champagne, 14 Fiji waters ($11 bottles of water!) and someone slumming it with the $16 Crown Royals. We also see a $700 bottle of Beau Joie, a champagne that made its world debut, in Vegas, back in 2010; those retail for $125-135.

To be clear: Gronkowski doesn’t deserve to be scolded for this. Remember the Bruins’ $156,679.74 bill after their 2011 Stanley Cup run? But it being Valentine’s Day, let’s briefly touch on the photo of the bill. Somebody drew hearts around the “Gratuity Included” stamps. Was it a waitress? Gronk himself? For now, I’m just going to pretend it’s the latter. The thought of 10-year-old Gronk writing Valentine’s cards makes me laugh. I imagine these are the ones he would’ve chosen.