John Connolly Is Gonna Go Ahead and Run for Mayor

Your move, Menino.

After declaring his interest last week, City Councilor John Connolly will officially announce a run for mayor Tuesday. Connolly’s campaign is going to focus heavily on the city’s schools, and the timing of his announcement doesn’t seem strange when you see another bit of news: that Mayor Menino’s special committee just selected a new school choice system.

Menino hasn’t said whether he’ll seek re-election or commented on Connolly’s run, and Connolly keeps going out of his way in interviews to talk about his respect for the mayor, even telling a reporter “For me this isn’t really about him.” But obviously if you’re going to ask voters to unseat a 20 year incumbent, it’s got to be at least a little bit about him, and the school choice selection process is one where Connolly has been vocal. That’s because the  special committee recommended one of several plans submitted by the school department. Connolly proposed his own plan to some good press, and thus does the Globe quote Connolly today criticizing the narrow choices considered by the committee.

Connolly is slated to make the announcement at a local school, though reportedly he wouldn’t say which one so as not to tip his hand to the mayor’s team. That bit of overt tactical acknowledgement underscores the rather tense waiting game we’ll all be playing until Menino gives some kind of response.