Menino Discusses His Hopes for the Campaign He Won’t Say He’s Running

Menino finally addressed his new mayoral competition.

Mayor Tom Menino made his first comments on Councilman John Connolly’s recently launched campaign to replace him, and they are … almost cinematic in their delivery.

Menino still won’t say whether he’s going to run for reelection, but he sounds an awful lot like a guy who’s getting his game face on when he tells reporters, “Young man wants to be mayor, good luck to him,” and “I hope during the campaign to talk about accomplishments while you’re in office. Easy just to make statements during a campaign. It’s about what he’s done as city councilor and I’ve done as mayor.” Finally a reporter noted that Menino was “talking like you’re certainly going to seek reelection,” and Menino waved him off saying “There’s a time and place for everything and I’ll have a time and place shortly,” which doesn’t do much to disuade anyone who thinks he’s talking like he’s running.

WGBH posted video of the interview: