Joe Kennedy III’s Arm Is in a Sling

The Congressman had shoulder surgery.

Boston University communications professor John Carroll made an good point on his blog, noting that The Boston Globe’s Names column ran a photo of newly minted Congressman Joe Kennedy III alongside an item about his appearance at a non-profit gathering without making mention of the fact that in the photo, Kennedy rather conspicuously has his arm in a sling. Carroll writes:

The guy has his right arm in a sling. You don’t mention that?

(Then again, the hardsearching staff [a.k.a Carroll] hasn’t found any mention of it elsewhere either. So . . .  whatever.)

Doesn’t the fact that it isn’t mentioned elsewhere make it more worthy of mention? Carroll got us curious, so we asked Emily Browne, Kennedy’s communications director, if everything’s okay, and she confirms that Kennedy had shoulder surgery last week to fix an old athletic injury. “All went well, he will just be in a sling for a couple weeks,” she says. Minor mystery, solved!