Massachusetts Bashing from John Roberts … and Bill O’Reilly

William Galvin Takes Chief Justice John Roberts to Task for Comments on Voter Turnout. “The concept of black communities in Massachusetts not voting is an old slur, and it’s not true,” Massachusetts Secretary of State William F. Galvin told the Globe (while vowing to “call him out”). “I guess the point [Roberts] is trying to make is Mississippi is doing so much better they don’t need the Voting Rights Act. He can still relay that conclusion, but he shouldn’t be using phony statistics. It’s deceptive, and it’s truly disturbing.”  [Globe]

More Massachusetts Bashing—This Time from An Expected Source. On the other end of the spectrum, Bill O’Reilly quite predictably takes issue with the new guidelines from the Massachusetts Department of Education regarding transgender students.  [The Huffington Post]

Eileen McNamara Has a Message for Aaron Kushner. “As The Globe’s financial fortunes fell, fantasies flourished of a homegrown rescuer emerging … Alas, if his actions in California reflect his journalistic philosophy, Kushner is not our man,” McNamara writes.  [WBUR]

This Is Why Another Massive Cheating Scandal Could Happen Anywhere. The Crimson does some dot-connecting.  [The Crimson]

Plymouth Woman Mistakenly Receives 7 Pounds of Marijuana via FedEx. She’s suing FexEx for giving out her address to the intended recipients, who showed up at her doorstep to claim the package.  [WCVB]

Tech Startup Leaf Now All Over Harvard Square. More than a dozen businesses in the Square are now using Leaf, the tablet built to handle retail transactions while collecting money for charity.  [BostInno]