Boston University Frat Suspended In Wake of Student Death

Boston University Frat Suspended In Wake of Student Death. Anthony Barksdale II, 19, was found unconscious late Friday night at an off-campus residence in Allston, where dozens of of Sigma Alpha Mu members attended a party to welcome the frat’s new members, including Barksdale. He later died after being rushed to the hospital, and details are still under investigation.  []

Exploratory Committee Investigate 2024 Olympics. The Boston Olympic Exploratory Committee has a Facebook page (with a Like from Mayor Menino), a website, and a Twitter feed that’s making one thing pretty clear:


Police Officer Jumps Buildings, Bond-Style, to Make Three Arrests. Officer Michael Holden jumped from one rooftop to another, gun drawn, and used one set of handcuffs to contain three suspects until back-up arrived. “Incidents that are as dangerous as this go on all the time every day,” he told the Herald. “This is a little more sensational, but no more or less dangerous than the stuff that goes on every day.”  [Herald]

Tim Cahill’s Wife Would Divorce Him If … he ran for public office again, or at least so he told Dan Rea on Monday night.  [WBZ]

Harvard Students Not So Happy with Fake Eviction Notices. The notices are part of a campaign by the Harvard College Palestine Solidarity Committee.  [The Crimson]