Forbes Has Eight from Massachusetts on Annual Billionaires List

Eight Billionaires on the Forbes List are from Massachusetts. Fidelity Investments’ Abigail Johnson comes in at the top of billionaires from Massachusetts on the list of 1,342 billionaires worldwide. Johnson’s $12.7 billion estimated net worth ranks her at No. 74 on the global list and No. 27 among billionaires in the U.S. Fidelity chairman Edward Johnson III, New Balance chairman Jim Davis, Continental Cablevision founder Amos Hostetter Jr., Kraft Group chairman Robert Kraft, InterSystems founder Phillip Ragon, IPG Photonics founder Valentin Gapontsev, and investor Seth Klarman round out the list of Massachusetts billionaires.  [Forbes]

Shedding Light on the Aaron Swartz Tragedy Through a Paper Trail. Larissa MacFarquhar delves into the days, weeks, months, and years leading up to Swartz’s suicide.  [The New Yorker]

Wes Welker Reportedly Will Test Free Agent Market. An unidentified league source told ESPN’s Adam Schefter that Welker does not plan to re-sign with the Patriots before testing the free-agent market.  [ESPN]

Sounds About Right: Don’t Lay Off Your Workforce By First Introducing The News As ‘Good.’ Exibit A is The Daily Voice, which earlier this week announced that it would shut down its 11 news sites in Massachusetts and lay off a boatload of people working at sites in Connecticut and New York.  [Gawker]

Get Ready for Yet Another Winter Storm Tonight Through Friday. Meteorologist David Epstein adds that this weekend is supposed to be lovely.  []  Here’s the latest snowfall prediction from the National Weather Service Boston.  [NWS]

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