Eyes Back on Guard Who Opened Door to Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Heist

Eyes Back on Guard Who Opened Door to Gardner Heist. Richard Abath, who was found hand-cuffed and duct-taped by the two men he let into the museum, talks to the Globe about the lingering suspicion that the notorious $500 million art heist was an inside job.  [Boston.com]

John Connolly’s Fightin’ Words May Be What Menino Needs to Run. Mayor Menino didn’t take too kindly to Connolly assigning him an “F” for operating the Boston Public Schools. An unnamed sources tells the Herald: “The mayor will run. He’s mad now. He’s lost 25 pounds (and is loving the loss). He didn’t like being a fat-man.” Another: “He’s in. Connolly’s remark p****d him off big time and Menino’s already got a lot of money in the bank from past campaigns.”  [Herald]

How a Massachusetts Family Took a Mid-Career Year of Retirement. Winston Chen, Kristin Botnen, and their two children picked up and moved to the Arctic Circle island of Rødøy, where they didn’t necessarily “escape” from their lives in Boston—they just did something completely different.  [WBUR]

Here’s Another Person Doing Something Completely Different. And a bit closer to home, too. Hampshire College senior Nara Williams is spending this semester living in a 130-square foot “small house” for her senior project on housing.  [Globe]

Why Do People Care So Much About Lindsey Stone and Karen Klein? Stone was the Plymouth woman who gave the finger at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (and was later fired); Klein, the bus supervisor bullied by a group of students in an incident that sparked $700,000 in donations online. Slate delves into why donors feel compelled to go after such causes online.  [Slate]

Everyone Should Give a Big Thanks to This Good Samaritan. Who “audits” coffeehouse Scrabble games to make sure no tiles are missing (or doubled up).  [Universal Hub]