Scott Brown Goes Corporate

He's joining the law firm Nixon Peabody

Former Senator Scott Brown announced another gig in the wake of his loss to Elizabeth Warren Monday, saying he’ll join the Boston-based Nixon Peabody LLP to focus on financial and real estate industries. A firm press release says:

Brown, who left the U.S. Senate in January, has relationships with a range of companies from startups to the VCs who fund them to market-leading businesses in a wide array of industries. He can offer many types of legal services to his broad network of contacts.

Unlike, say, his decision to join Fox News as a contributor, this job doesn’t seem to be eliciting strong opinions (so far) as to whether he’ll run for governor in 2014. (Fox’s sour reputation around here made it seem like he wouldn’t run. If Brown had joined Nixon Peabody as a lobbyist, that’d carry its share of stigma, too, but he seems not to have done that.) He’s left open that possibility of a gubernatorial race in the past, but presumably, financial considerations loom in the meantime. Running against Warren made Brown a friendly face in the financial industry so now he’ll be have to cash in on the contacts he made there.