Fung Wah Nostalgia Now Has a Theme Song

An adieu in the style of Bob Dylan

The New Yorker magazine has posted a lovely video tribute to Fung Wah, the erstwhile New York-Boston budget bus line that flew too close to the sun. Federal authorities revoked Fung Wah’s operating license until such a time as they’re comfortable that the company can get its act together after state inspectors found a frequent and long-standing disregard for safety regulations. In the wake of such sudden and not all that surprising news, New York and Boston residents bonded over the common cultural touchstone provided by the the charming collection of nightmare stories the bus company has offered through the years. Many shared their tales the wake of the shut down with hashtags like #TheLastTimeITookFungWah. (Fun fact: the last time I took Fung Wah, two kids lit up a bong in the back row.) Now, Marc Philippe Eskenazi has set some of those memories to music, penning a song for the New Yorker in the style of Bob Dylan’s “Farewell Angelina.” One of our favorite lyrics:

You left me in the bathroom at a rest stop in the rain.

Farewell Fung Wah

Your toilets flooding over

On the lonely highway.

Have a watch: