Michael Sullivan Copy-Pastes Richard Tisei’s Losing Strategy

The Globe spotted some website plagiarism.


Republican Senate candidate Michael J. Sullivan’s campaign slogan declares him “tested and trusted,” and today he proves he wasn’t lying about the “tested” part, at the very least. That’s because The Boston Globe’s Eric Moskowitz noted that Sullivan’s “Issues” page on his website is largely a copy-paste of failed Congressional candidate Richard Tisei’s site from his 2012 campaign, plus some tweaks. The reason: Paul Moore serves as both Sullivan’s campaign manager and Tisei’s before that. “It would have been great in a longer election and with more staff to have more time to recreate the wheel, but in this case adding placeholder issues at the start was the goal,” he tells Moskowitz. Just so long as someone’s told them that when Tisei “tested” those issues with voters … he, um, lost. If you’re going to steal a campaign strategy, wouldn’t it be best to make sure it’s a winning one? [Boston Globe]