Bill Belichick Is a Man of Few Characters

Belichick takes to Twitter ... sort of. He answers questions at least.

Generally speaking, you’d have a better chance of busting into the papal conclave and prying intel out of the college of Cardinals than getting Patriots Coach Bill Belichick to expound on an answer. The dude simply does not like talking to the press—listening to him, you get the sense that every word he utters in public is one more word than he’d like. Which is why it was such a surprise—and delight!—late last night when he did an impromptu Twitter Q&A session.

Well, sort of. His girlfriend Linda Holliday did an impromptu Twitter Q&A session, where she relayed the masses’ questions, and Lord Hoodie offered a reply. (You can just picture them sitting on the couch together, with Holliday trying to convince a pouting Belichick to do it. “Come on Bill! It’ll be fun!”) Some samples:



I’d say that Twitter seems like the perfect medium for Belichick, but 140 characters may actually be too many for him. Alas, Holliday says not to expect him to get his own account anytime soon. But check out the rest of Belichick’s ever-expansive answers on her feed. And in the meantime, enjoy the rest of your day, armed with this knowledge:


Jovi, play us out!