Boston’s Carless Apartment Building, Now Featuring Cars!

Boston approves an apartment building that once had plans to replace parking spaces with green ones.

How do you get Boston to approve an apartment building that doesn’t make space for residents’ cars? Add a parking lot for their cars of course…

The Boston Redevelopment Authority gave preliminary approval to architect Sebastian Mariscal’s proposed Allston apartment building Thursday night, Universal Hub reports. The development was originally notable because Mariscal hoped to replace the required number of parking spaces for residents with green space, bike racks, and Zipcars. Neighbors worried that his requirement that residents agree not to own a car would go ignored, and the slim street-parking spaces would grow slimmer, so Mariscal has since added the required amount of spaces, making the approved building notable only for its erstwhile ambitions. Even so, Mariscal says he still plans to fill his building with only non-car owners to make a point and alleviate the neighborhood concerns that brought this particular project down. [Universal Hub]