Herald Fans the Flames of the Menino-Consalvo Rumor

Herald Fans the Flames of the Menino-Consalvo Rumor. “I hear the rumors and I hear what people say behind my back about it. But I’m too focused on my job to think about it,” Rob Consalvo told the Herald of the mayoral conspiracy theory. Mayor Menino was a bit more direct: “It’s ridiculous.”  [Herald]

Charlie Pierce Says Goodbye to the Phoenix.  [Grantland]

Removal of Judge Could Mean Delay in Whitey Bulger Trial. All but five federal judges in Massachusetts are former federal prosecutors, and it’s not clear how or when a new judge will be selected, the Globe reports.  [Globe]

Beach Erosion Has Left Plum Island Trying to Save Itself. Officials say federal emergency funds may be available to help 40 or so residents save their homes that have been damaged by three strong storms since December.  [WBUR]

MIT Admits Record Low 8.2 Percent of Applicants. 18,989 students applied, and 1,548 were admitted to the class of 2017.  [The Tech]

Here’s a Fine Way to Waste a Few Minutes of Your Friday Afternoon. Nope, not by checking out this photo of Tom Brady with the Easter Bunny. Something challenging, something productive—like clicking on all of the Boston neighborhoods at random.  [Click That Hood]