Here Is a Photo of Tom Brady Comforting an Easter Bunny

Happy Friday.

Because everyone deserves a little Friday pick-me-up, we present this picture of Tom Brady comforting an Easter Bunny:

Tom Brady Easter Bunny

Image Courtesy of “Unreal”


Not that you really needed context, but the picture is actually part of an ad campaign for “Unreal,” the local company that makes natural versions of popular candies, which we featured in our October issue. “After realizing that the candy he has been handing out in baskets is actually filled with artificial ingredients, corn syrup, preservatives and other junk, the Easter Bunny has decided to apologize,” the company says in a press release.

It’s not the first time Brady has acted as a sponsor for the company. Boston Magazine is currently investigating whether holding up an “I’m sorry” cardboard sign earns everyone a hug from Brady or whether one must be a beloved child celebrity. We’ll report back as more information becomes available.