Governor Patrick Warns Residents About Boston-Based Reality Shows

During the annual St. Patrick's Day breakfast, Deval Patrick calls 'Southie Rules' and 'Wicked Single' man-made disasters that could ruin Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick held a media advisory on St. Patrick’s Day to warn residents about two recent “disasters” in the state—but they weren’t storm related.

As part of the annual St. Patrick’s Day breakfast celebration in South Boston, a yearly gathering of area politicians casually throwing jabs at one another while feasting on traditional Irish food, Patrick sent in a nearly three-minute mock-emergency video bashing the latest reality television shows centered around Boston.

The same day as the premiere of “Wicked Single,” a VH1 series that follows around single Boston residents as they throw back drinks and drop their R’s, Patrick jokingly warned constituents of the potential negative impacts the show could have on the area.

“Stay away from TV channels broadcasting any program with a bad Boston accent,” said Patrick. “You may also want to check-in on your shut-in or elderly neighbors, or frankly anyone else not already catatonic from watching these programs.”

Patrick was quick to poke fun at the now-cancelled series “Southie Rules” as well, saying he expected the “heaviest impact” from the reality shows to hit South Boston the hardest.

The governor, wearing an official Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency vest, which is usually reserved for weather catastrophes, said he wanted to assure people that he was doing everything in his power to limit the harm to citizens. Patrick also ordered a “state of emergency” and driving ban similar to his first-ever ban implemented during the 2013 Blizzard in February.

The pre-taped “breaking news” announcement featured a quick cameo from Lt. Governor Tim Murray, who donned a NASCAR-style racing jacket, mocking his own 2012 car accident in the Western part of the state.

The annual breakfast and gathering has become a local tradition for elected officials every St. Patrick’s Day, giving them a chance to show their funnier side while side-stepping the political spotlight.

To check out Patrick’s full mock-announcement, watch the video above, taped by NECN.