Ben Affleck May Direct ‘Bunker Hill’

Ben Affleck May Direct Bunker Hill. Warner Bros. purchased the screen rights to Nathaniel Philbrick’s “Bunker Hill: A City, A Siege, A Revolution,” which will be published April 30, 2013, by Viking. reports that Affleck may direct the film, and he may tap Chris Terrio, who wrote the screenplay for Argo, to write the script.  [] One More Thing On Ben Affleck … A Globe magazine writer sticks up for Affleck’s much-analyzed words about love and marriage at the Oscars.  [Globe magazine]

Setting the Record Straight on the Building at 234 Berkeley Street. John Carroll on Bonwit Teller and the space now occupied by Restoration Hardware.  [IGTLIATDT]

The Globe Refutes the Onion Satire on Boston, Part II. As if the Globe‘s first retort to the Onion‘s “Pretty Cute Watching Boston Residents Play Daily Game of Big City” weren’t enough, now, nearly two weeks since we started to forget the original dig, we can enter Tom Keane’s column aptly titled “Boston’s Big City Game” into the public record.  [Globe]

Harvard Classified With ‘Teams That Essentially Have No Shot.’ Grantland’s Shane Ryan puts Harvard alongside the other miserables: Valparaiso, Northwestern State, Boise State, Montana, New Mexico State, Akron, and St. Mary’s.  [Grantland]

Aly Raisman Makes Her ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Debut. She tied for second.  [Herald]

Massachusetts Company Might Add ‘Marijuana Consultant’ to Resume. Botec Analysis Corp., based in Cambridge, has been tentatively selected as the official marijuana consultant for Washington state.  [AP]