Elizabeth Warren Is Writing a Book Tentatively Titled—Wait For It—‘Rigged’

It's about her work on behalf of the middle class.

Senator Elizabeth Warren is pitching a book to publishers about her time spent working on financial oversight and running for Senate, tentatively titled “Rigged,” the AP reports. There are two things that are unsurprising about this: First, as the Globe’s Matt Viser notes, Warren’s search for a book deal in the wake of her rise to national prominence “places her on a familiar path” trod by many a political figure. There’s a lot of money to be made with these things—Scott Brown earned $1 million for the book he wrote after his upset Senate win. And Warren wants to bring her platform and particular issues to a national audience.

Second, “rigged” is kind of a buzzword for Warren, so much so that XKCD immortalized her use of it in a sprawling comic last year:


Cartoon Elizabeth climbs a ship’s rigging and says, “Forget this rigging! The whole system is rigged against the middle class and families trying to climb out of poverty!” Compare that to the quote she gives the AP about the book: “The title refers to how the economic system is too often rigged against families that work hard and play by the rules. The story is national, but it’s also personal. These are issues close to my heart.” But anyone who followed her Senate race probably knew that already.