The Phoenix is Gone, But Its Adult Section Remains

The glossy magazine is no longer on newsstands, but readers can still find an escort in the Adult section.


The Phoenix
may have flamed out, but the adult section of the long-time newspaper-turned-glossy intends on keeping things hot on the newsstands each week.

According to a post on, the weekly publication Boston at Nite, which features advertisements for escort services and massages with an extra rub down, “is here to stay.”

Producers of the smut paper wrote the following on March 19, days after The Phoenix announced it was shuttering its doors:

You may have heard by now that the Phoenix Magazine will no longer be in publication. A lot of you have called and asked me what’s up with Boston at Nite? No worries…you can still pick up your free copy of Boston’s best adult listings every Thursday in the big black box!

A call made to the Boston Phoenix‘s advertising office revealed that the weekly adult section would be printed through the Providence Phoenix branch in Rhode Island, before hitting the stands around Boston each week. According to a worker at The Phoenix, the call-out for additional advertisers and submissions is not connected to a mock twitter account that bashes the now-closed Phoenix for allegedly supporting escort services through ad sales.

The Phoenix put out its last issue today, a web-only version, which featured Sen. Elizabeth Warren on the cover along with the headline “Too Big To Fail.” The former editor-in-chief of the publication, Carly Carioli, tweeted the photo with the words “My work here is done. Thanks for an amazing 20 years.”

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