Babson Selects First-Ever Female President

Babson Selects First-Ever Female President. Former Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey starts July 1.  [AP]

The Ugly Reality of Finding a Job When You’re Older Than 45. The number of people 45+ without a job for more than a year has quadrupled since 2007. That segment accounts for more than half of the 3.5 million out of work, according to the US Department of Labor. The Globe caught up with three of them in Massachusetts, and the resulting picture is pretty bleak.  [Globe]

More Evidence That The Boston Real Estate Boom Is Back. We covered the Boston real estate market in our March issue, but the Boston Business Journal did some number-crunching of their own, finding that 516 homes in the Boston metro area sold for above asking price between December 1 and March 6, compared to 218 from the same period one year prior.  [Boston Business Journal]

In Case You Missed It: David Bernstein’s Profile of Elizabeth Warren. Bernstein’s profile of Warren, which he was reporting in D.C. when news came out of the Phoenix’s closure, went up online last week. A sample: “She is perhaps the hottest property in Washington right now; everyone wants her to take a meeting on their issue, speak at their event, or co-sponsor their bill. And most of all, her fellow Democrats want her to lend her name, her mailing list, or her presence to their campaign fundraising effort.”  [The Phoenix]

Mashpee Wampanoags, Deval Patrick Sign New Gaming Compact. The new compact, which was signed on March 20, means that Massachusetts will share 21 percent of gross gaming revenue.  [Indian Country]