Is Lawrence Actually Just that Town from Footloose?

The oddest police report that you’ll read today comes out of Lawrence, Massachusetts. The Eagle Tribune reports:

Two men were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after breaking out into dance moves when police tried to disperse a large crowd of people on the grounds of the South Lawrence East School Thursday.

According to the responding officer:

“I announced my presence on the public announcement system to disperse or we would have to begin arresting people,” Gonzalez wrote in his report. “It was at this moment I observed Shamal Nelson and Demarius Mckeithen begin to dance in the middle of the street with a dance I interpreted as the ‘Dougie’ or ‘Harlem Shake.’”

Okay, okay, so the problem probably isn’t that they’ve banned dancing in Lawrence (or even just dancing ambiguous enough that it can’t be easily identified) but that the police asked the group to disperse, and the two guys who started dancing instead seemed to rile up the crowd. Still, we hear Lawrence is in the market for a dashing young man available to move to town and teach everyone how to kick their feet in the air while doing some weird jazz hands. Inquiries can be directed to Lawrence: