Tom Menino Says What He Wants, Damnit

Menino has never been better at saying the things only he can say.

Mayor Tom Menino hasn’t announced yet whether he’s going to run again for mayor. According to an interview in the Globe this morning, he still hasn’t made up his mind—or that’s what he’s saying publicly, anyway. With Menino refusing to commit, all we can do is keep trying to read the tea leaves: He’s not fundraising at nearly the clip you’d expect if he were planning on running, but he’s talking and positioning himself like he is.

For all the uncertainty, though, one thing is clear: Menino is at the top of his game in saying things that are really quotable. His health may have wavered and he may be advancing in age, but he’s never been better at saying ridiculous things that only he, the mayor of Boston for 20 years, can say.

This latest run of greatness started a few weeks ago, when Menino was asked for the first time about City Councilor John R. Connolly, who’d announced his intention to run for mayor. “Young man,” Menino said to a gaggle of reporters, “Wants to be mayor. Good luck to him.”

As great as that moment was, I’m partial to the gem Menino uncorked in the Globe this morning. When asked about speculation over whether he’d run again, the mayor told reporter Andrew Ryan:

“The only people reading signs are the media. I’ve been out in the streets every day talking to people, gauging their interest in a campaign. And they’re very interested in Menino. Mayor Menino.”

Who talks like that!?! Menino, that’s who. Mayor Menino.

At this point, I’m praying he runs again if only to see what other explorations into the third person he makes. I feel like we’re tantalizingly close to him demanding Harrumphs out of people. Say what you will about Menino, but he is one of a kind, and if he finally decides not to seek another term, we’ll undoubtedly miss hearing what he has to say.