Martha Coakley Is ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ About DOMA Arguments

Martha Coakley Is ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ About DOMA Arguments. Before the Supreme Court started hearing oral arguments today about DOMA, Coakley shared some thoughts with the Huffington Post: “When we initially filed this, we thought we had a bit of an uphill battle, but we thought it was worth bringing anyway,” Coakley said. “Now, with a strong decision both at the federal court and circuit court, and particularly seeing the momentum that public opinion has around this issue of fairness and equality … I’m encouraged.”  [Huffington Post | earlier: Globe]

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Harvard Upsetting New Mexico Had a Negative Impact On One Man’s Career Trajectory. After the upset, Lobos beat writer Dennis Latta posted to that, after 33 years covering the team, he’s “had it.” Cooler heads (like, gasp, Deadspin) advised him to get a grip.  [Romenesko]

Maps: How Boston Is Divided Up By Class. A look at where the city’s “creative class” and “service class” lives … and where the “working class” doesn’t live. The maps are based on data from Census tracts, which are small areas within a city or county that can be smaller than most neighborhoods.  [Atlantic Cities]

James Cameron Donates His Submarine to Falmouth Scientists. The Deepsea Challenger will now be used for future underwater research by the team at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.  [Boston Business Journal]

Photos of Amy Adams and Christian Bale On Set In Boston. This time, Amy Adams—not Bradley Cooper—had rollers in her hair.  [Just Jared]