Bruins Fan Gets An Unidentified Flying Object In His Beer

Mysterious video footage shows the object-to-beer encounter during Monday night's Bruins game at TD Garden.

During Monday night’s win over the Maple Leafs, Bruins assistant coach Geoff Ward tossed something—it looked like an ear piece—over his head. Whatever the thing was appeared to drop into a fan’s beer.

The video caught fire on Tuesday, popping up all over the place. In order to set the record straight—or maybe just to take advantage of the publicity caused by the unidentified flying object—the team’s in-house production company released its own video. It’s not exactly the Zapruder film, but it features footage of Ward flicking something behind him. It also includes an interview with Ward, who demonstrates why it couldn’t possibly be his earpiece that landed in the fan’s cup. “If it was me that was the culprit,” Ward says in the segment, “I definitely would’ve bought him another beer.”

So who was the culprit? Around the time of Ward’s toss, Bruins center Tyler Seguin said he flicked a smelling salt tablet over the boards. Apparently, that’s what landed in the fan’s cup. If there’s a lesson here, it’s this: If you buy a beer at a Bruins game, make sure to ask for a lid. You might need it.