Mayor Menino Is Popular, But Residents Split On Another Run

Mayor Tom Menino Is Popular, But Residents Split On Another Run. A poll out today conducted for the Globe by the Survey Center at the University of New Hampshire includes a couple of findings in favor of Mayor Menino: Among them, a 74 percent approval rating and almost 50 percent saying they met Menino personally. But the poll also includes one dark cloud: Only 43 percent favor a Menino reelection bid versus 36 percent who do not. The poll was conducted by phone calls to 440 adults between March 20-26, and the results are weighted by gender, race, neighborhood, and “other factors.”  [Globe]

A High School Where Students Are Students and Teachers. Monument Mountain Regional High School’s Independent Project is an alternative, semester-long program that’s run by students—and very unlike the traditional high school classroom in that the students pick their curriculum, projects, and deadlines. “Teachers are the salt of the earth. They are so valuable and irreplaceable, but I just imagine them having a different role than they have had in the past for high school students,” says Sam Levin, an alumnus who’s now studying at University of Oxford in England. “Like more of a coach than a teacher at a podium.”  [TIME]

What Will Happen If GateHouse or Patch or Other Local News Outlets Fail? Mark Leccese on why he’s hoping for “a bunch of Buffett wannabes starting community newspapers and community news websites.”  [WBUR]

Business Insider Lists Massachusetts As One of Eight States That May Legalize Marijuana in 2013. It’s worth pointing out that the photo running alongside the Massachusetts write-up is the only one that doesn’t feature a forest of cannabis plants (or a guy dressed up like a cannabis plant wearing an Uncle Sam cap).  [Business Insider]

Weymouth Police Catch Man With a Very Interesting Set of Goals. Goals like “find crystal meth” … written down … on paper.  [WBZ]