How Jeff Green Saved An Awful Night for Boston Sports Fans

It's a sad day to be a Bruins fan.

It’s a sad day for Bruins fans. The trade that was supposed to send six-time NHL All-Star Jarome Iginla to Boston reportedly fell through early this morning. Instead, the Flames shipped the 35-year-old winger to the Penguins. (Apparently, Iginla preferred Pittsburgh to Boston.) As if that weren’t frustrating enough, on Wednesday night, the Bruins also blew a pair of two-goal leads and lost to the archrival Canadiens in a shootout.

Alas, the evening wasn’t all bad. The Celtics beat the Cavaliers, 93-92, snapping a five-game losing streak. So, if you’re still upset about the blown Bruins trade, please enjoy this clip of Jeff Green’s buzzer-beating, game-winning layup. As soon as the ball drops through the hoop, you can hear Cavs analyst Austin Carr mutter, “Oh my goodness.”

Afterward, Green hugged his heart surgeon, Dr. Lars Svenson. Perfect.