Jeremy Jacobs Spokesman Gets a Twitter Parody to Call His Own

Good pickins'

From the nest of a Boston Magazine story on Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs, a social media star is born: We’re amused to discover that someone has created @JacobsSpokesman, a Twitter account parodying Mason Phelps, the Jacobs family spokesman in Wellington, Florida.

That’s in reference to the news that Iginla has been traded from the Bruins* Calgary to Pittsburgh, though it’d been rumored he might be headed here. In his story in the newest issue of the magazine, Jason Schwartz documents the long feud between Jacobs and developer Mark Bellissimo that has caught up a clubby Florida town in its crossfire. Among the many reactions to the piece, probably the most often-cited tidbit is this, um, delicate quote from Phelps, in regards to the way Bellissimo is running an equestrian park in town:

A particular flashpoint came in 2010, when Bellissimo contracted out the center to a promoter staging a concert by the hip-hop artist Akon. “That didn’t go over too well,” said Mason Phelps, a former equestrian who today serves as a Jacobs family spokesman in Wellington. “Nor did we want to attract the kind of people the Akon concert would attract to this community…. The people that go and listen to and like Akon are not Wellingtonites. It’s just a different crowd of people. I don’t mean to sound like a snob, but this is a fairly upscale community, and we don’t need to bring the low- and middle-income hooligans into town and have them all of a sudden say, Wow, good pickins’ out here.”

Congratulations, Phelps. Your awkward attempt to skirt around a definition of what constitutes “the kind of people the Akon concert would attract” has earned you a parody Twitter account with, to date, 34 followers. Good pickins’ out there on the social media front these days.