Boston Police Pose As Punk Rockers To Break Up House Shows

Boston Police Are Posing As Punk Rockers To Break Up House Shows. And their efforts are pretty funny (!). Luke O’Neil writes:

“They’re posing as music fans online to ferret out intel on where these DIY shows are going to take place. While police departments have been using social media to investigate for years, its use in such seemingly trivial crimes would be rather chilling, if these efforts didn’t seem so laughably inept.”  [Slate]

In Which The New York Times Points Out Three Crumbling ‘Myths’ of Boston. Whitey Bulger, the Gardner Museum heist, and … Mayor Menino.  [NYT]

A Look at Condo Inventory In The South End. David Bates does some number-crunching and finds that the inventory in the South End is pretty, pretty low.  [South End Patch]

Now We Know Where the Garbage from Haymarket Winds Up. Santo Anza Jr. allegedly ran a farm in Northborough as a front for an illegal dumping ground. Prosecutors said during his trial on Thursday that trucks would bring in shipments of solid waste—including fruit in cardboard boxes leftover from Haymarket—and dump it on Anza’s property in violation of the Solid Waste and Clean Air acts.  [MetroWest Daily News]

Taiwan Loves Manny Ramirez. He made his EDA Rhinos debut on Wednesday and went 2-for-6. The report says that Ramirez is making $25,000 per month, the highest salary of any foreign player.  []

Feel-Good Story of the Week: A Baby Seal Is Getting Help. The eight-month-old seal, named Pup 49 and stranded on a Plymouth beach after a brutal attack, is recovering Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut. The seal had her stricken flipper, or the rear flipper that helps seals steer while swimming, amputated after an infection ravaged her body.  [AP]