As we get set to follow the Red Sox in a new season, it’s worth checking in on which Red Sox players are worth a follow of their own. Here are our picks.

With Opening Day behind us, we’re ready to follow the Red Sox into a new season, so we wondered which players were worth a follow of their own on Twitter. Here are our awards.

Will Middlebrooks

Photos by Keith Allison/Flickr


Most Prolific: @middlebrooks

Third baseman Will Middlebrooks tweets more than any of his teammates. Plus, he’s funny.

Sample tweet:


jacob ellsbury

Most Focused on, You Know, Baseball: @JacobyEllsbury Center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury sticks mostly to career-related tweets. Sample tweet:


Daniel Nava

Most Amused: @dnavs33

Outfielder Daniel Nava keeps it upbeat with his day-to-day observations.

Sample tweet:

mike napoli

Photo via Twitter

Biggest Fan of the History Channel’s Swamp People: @MikeNapoli25 First baseman and television enthusiast Mike Napoli can also keep you updated on his fishing exploits. Sample tweet:



Most Confused About this Whole Twitter Thing: @15Lasershow

Second baseman Dustin Pedroia is amusingly befuddled.

Sample tweet: