Bills Receiver Wants North Korea to Bomb Foxborough

Stevie Johnson's Twitter joke goes over like a lead balloon.

As far as NFL comedians go, Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson is an envelope pusher. In a January 2012 game against the Patriots, he got benched after celebrating a touchdown by revealing an undershirt that said “Happy New Year.” A few months earlier, after scoring against the Jets, he pretended like he’d just got shot in the leg. That stunt, which mocked the time that then-Jets receiver Plaxico Burress accidentally shot himself in the leg, earned him a $10,000 fine. So, I guess it shouldn’t have shocked anyone on Wednesday when Johnson tweeted this:

Now, this doesn’t qualify as an international incident. But despite the fact that some people clearly loved the joke—as of late this morning almost 2,800 people had retweeted it—it’s just not that funny. Some of Johnson’s past gags were inspired. This one? Meh. On Wednesday night, Johnson tried to make amends:

No need to apologize, Stevie. Just be better next time. Tastelessness is tolerable if it’s funny.