Red Sox Contest Features Giant Cut-Outs of Players’ Heads

If fans find a cardboard head, they could win a prize.

Photo via Red Sox on Facebook.

Photo via Red Sox on Facebook.

If you see massive faces of Red Sox players peaking at you from behind street signs or buildings on Thursday, it might be worth your time to grab them and yell at the top of your lungs.

As part of a promotion to get baseball fans revved up for the season, the Red Sox are planting cardboard cutouts of players’ heads all around Boston, and giving away prizes to the people who find them. The give-away, called “The Big Head Blitz,” is a strange way to get the city situated with this year’s roster. There will be 25 heads placed in various locations, and participants can find the over-sized face by following the team’s official Twitter account @redsox.

According to the Red Sox Facebook page, you can’t just find a cardboard cutout to claim a prize, however. You also need to publicly embarrass yourself:

Find one? Yell “Go Sox” for a chance to win tickets or autographed items!

The game stops at 4 p.m., so your best time to run around looking for floating heads is probably either on the way to work, or during a coffee or lunch break.

This isn’t the first move the Red Sox have taken to try and get people excited about the team. In March, officials said they were dropping the cost of beer and giving away free hotdogs to try and entice people back to Fenway Park. Last year, the Red Sox public relations team sent hundreds of balloons all over Boston, filled with tickets to games.

Photo via @redsox

Photos via @redsox