We Tasted Dunkin’ Donuts’ Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich

You're welcome!

Photo shot by Scott M. Lacey (in exchange for a bite).

The news that Dunkin’ Donuts is testing out a breakfast sandwich on a glazed donut in limited Eastern Massachusetts locations has taken today’s internet by storm. Dunkin’ won’t advertise the locations where it’s for sale, nor does it have plans to make it more widely available. But interest in the forbidden doughnut being what it is out there, our staff was pretty anxious to see what it might be like. Thus did we  journey into the wilds of Allston to find a participating location such that we might get a taste of what is maybe to come. After offering around a mix of sausage and bacon sandwiches at the office, two editors take stock:

Eric: Hey, Food Editor Leah Mennies.

Leah: Hey, Associate Digital Editor Eric Randall.

Eric: So, I know this product is still being tested, but with that caveat, what were your first impressions when you took a bite?

Leah: Well, it was definitely less dense than I anticipated. And the ‘pepper’ in the egg, though advertised prominently, was not … present at all taste-wise. I think that would have helped combat the sweetness of the doughnut (as pretentious as that sounds.)

Eric: Yeah, I think people hear that it’s a sandwich on a doughnut and expect it to be much heavier than any other kind of breakfast sandwich. But being real here, this is fewer calories than a Dunkin’ sandwich on a bagel. [A Dunkin’ spokesperson tells BostInno that the sandwich comes in at 360 calories. Their breakfast sandwich on a bagel with cheese would be 470.] And in general, I actually felt like the “savory” part of the sweet and savory could have been amped up. Of the two meat options, the sausage stood up to the sugary glaze better than the bacon, as I think most staffers who tried both agreed.

Leah: Yeah, definitely.


Photo Credit: Scott M. Lacey. Sandwich styling by Leah Mennies.

Eric: Okay, so let’s talk about the elephant in the room in any discussion of sweet/savory fast food concoctions: the McGriddle, a bacon, egg, and cheese on a maple pancake. How does this compare?

Leah: I haven’t had a McGriddle in about 10 years. But I still remember when I ate it. And … I kind of loved it. I think that maple syrup works way better with breakfast meats than sugar-glaze. In my memory, the McGriddle was smaller, diameter-wise, but denser overall. For a gross-out concoction, I’d rather eat a McGriddle.

Eric: Our own Matt Baker noted, though, that the McGriddle also tasted more unhealthy. It left him feeling sicker, where here, a glazed donut isn’t actually that nauseating.

Leah: Also, another important point of discussion: there is no cheese, which is typically a requisite in a breakfast sandwich. The right cheese would have made it more savory. Plus, it’s a natural binder. You’re on the go! You don’t want that thing to slide apart.

Eric: Yeah, Americans run on Dunkin’. They don’t sit with a fork and knife on Dunkin’.

Leah: Ha, fair point.

Eric: Okay, so we walked our sandwich platter around to the staff. Where would you say the crowd came down?

Leah: I would say that it veered surprisingly positive. Aside from Rachel Slade looking like she wanted to murder me for even offering it to her.

Eric: Yes, there were some notes of disgust, and not just from Rachel. Chris Hughes, who bravely headed to Allston, swallowed his pride, and asked a Dunkin’ Donuts employee for five glazed breakfast sandwiches (what must they have thought?) found it “revolting.” But there were some notable thumbs up reactions as well. Former Dunkin’ employee (and current deputy art director) Liz Noftle was actually really enthusiastic.

Leah: Yes, yes she was. I will probably catch her eating one in the future. There was also the observation that this may be a wise choice for hungover people. I, personally, prefer purely salty food when hungover, but I guess this isn’t all about me. (But let’s say it is—hash browns all the way.)

Eric: Yeah it didn’t feel substantial enough for a hangover to me. I’d want the heaviness of a bagel I think. You know, if I ever had hangovers. (Hi, Mom!)

Leah: Haha, what’s a hangover?! Idea: put the hash browns ON the sandwich.

Eric: Mmm

Leah: I will have to credit former staffer Casey Lyons with the idea for putting the hash brown on the McMuffin. I may or may not have done this at the South Station Bus Terminal. Maybe this is getting too personal …

Eric: Ok, pull it together Leah. Final thoughts?

Leah: Not that offensive. However, I honestly will never eat it again.

Eric: Sure, I think I’d recommend it as a novelty to a friend. But I don’t know that I’d ever seek it out. I just can’t pick a time of day when I’d prefer it to either a bagel breakfast sandwich or just a glazed doughnut sans egg.

Leah: In sum: bagel sandwich > doughnut sandwich. Doughnut > doughnut sandwich.

Eric: But doughnut sandwich > something disgusting.

Leah: AGREED! And hash browns > everything.