Larry Bird Thinks Basketball Shouldn’t Be Played In Domes

Larry Bird Doesn’t Think Basketball Should Be Played In Domes. Writing about how the venue has outgrown the NCAA basketball championship game (as anyone who’s ever experienced that woozy feeling while standing on the floor of such an arena can attest), Charlie Pierce discloses this nugget about Larry Bird:

… he would always make it a point to tell us reporters that basketball was not meant to be played in domes. The basket was so far from the stands that it seemed to be suspended in midair. When the stands filled up, the shooting background was strange and unfamiliar, being located at a distance. When Larry Bird tells me that basketball should not be played somewhere, I take his word for it.


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Harvard Laments How Yardfest Is Far Inferior to Other Schools’ Festivities. “I had no idea what I was going into,” a Harvard undergrad who attended Penn’s Spring Fling in 2012 says. “Penn, I think, is out of this world. I’ve never been to a state school, but I can’t even imagine it. That was absurd. Everyone’s involved and to the highest level.”  [The Crimson]

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