City Councilor Felix Arroyo Joins Race For Mayor

The newest candidate announced his campaign launch during a meeting with the SEIU.


Photo via Ernesto J. Arroyo Photography

The list of candidates looking to step into Mayor Tom Menino’s role, once the longtime official’s 20-year reign comes to an end, continues to grow week by week, with the latest candidate, Councilor Felix Arroyo, promising to take on the challenge of “moving Boston forward.”

Last week, Arroyo, 33, sent out a letter to supporters stating he was considering a run for mayor. A week later, after receiving an “overwhelming response” from locals, he delivered an official announcement in front of 50 people, including members of the SEIU Local 615, making him the eighth candidate to enter the crowded race. “If you believe, like I believe, in a Boston where everyone has opportunities to succeed, where we invest in all of our communities, where every child can receive a quality education, where we care for our elderly…I ask that you join our campaign,” Arroyo says of his bid for the mayoral seat.

Arroyo say he chose to make the announcement about his campaign at the SEIU Local 615 because that’s where he developed his skills as an organizer, working for janitors, security guards and building supervisors.

A day after his formal announcement, Arroyo made rounds on early morning news networks to solidify his candidacy. “I truly love this city, it’s the only city I know, and it was this city that elected me as a young guy with a dream. Boston has given me many opportunities, and I am excited to give back,” Arroyo said during an interview with NECN, adding that he was prepared for the competition. Arroyo told reporters he has learned a lot from the current mayor, Menino, and that he understands it’s important to spend as much time in the community as possible in order to connect with constituents.

Arroyo is running on the slogan “Forward With Felix,” and plans on heading a grassroots campaign “powered by committed volunteers and funded by small donors.” He joins a growing list of candidates, and is now up against other members of the city council, including District 5 City Councilor Rob Consalvo and City Councilor John Connolly, who was first to announce his candidacy even before Menino bowed out and said he wasn’t running.