A One Direction Pop Up Store is Coming To Quincy Market

Boston prepares for the latest British invasion.

If you are above the age of 15 and were considering a stroll through Quincy Market this weekend, you may just want to reconsider. April 13 marks the opening of the One Direction “1D World” pop up store and gaggles of eager tweens are already beside themselves at the thought of buying “Future Mrs. Malik” T-shirts and life-sized cutouts, and something terrifying called the official 1D onesie, which costs $100. There will also presumably be a lot of talking about whether Naill or Zayn or Liam or Harry or Louis is cutest. (How to decide?) Here’s a quick sample of the building chatter online. You can almost hear the squealing:





It’s one of several stores that have cropped up around the world, and this is the second to open in the U.S. Each has been billed as “the only place on the globe where Directioners can come together and share their love and loyalty to the band” (aside from concerts, I guess? Also, do they really call themselves Directioners? It all sounds so Rand McNally). The store will be open for three weeks. Consider this your warning.