Resident Calls on People to Wear Boston-related Clothing For ‘Spirit Day’

Melissa Bourgoine launched an online campaign to get people to collectively wear matching apparel to show love for Boston.

mourners in Suffolk university sweatshirts pay tribute to victims of Monday's tragedy. Photo by Regina Mogilevskaya

Mourners in Suffolk university sweatshirts pay tribute to victims of Monday’s tragedy. Photo by Regina Mogilevskaya

Melissa Bourgoine knows that Boston has a lot of spirit, and in this time of tragedy she wants residents to show it by wearing clothing that is Boston-related. From hooded sweatshirts with peoples’ favorite sports teams embroidered on them, to hats, t-shirts, and apparel showing school pride—or, simply clothing that says “Boston” on it—Bourgoine is trying to rally people to start what she is calling “Spirit Day.”

“It just hit me [Wednesday] morning—as I was coming into the city I saw the skyline and saw people wearing their Red Sox hats, and it made me think that seeing those things is important for the healing process,” she says.

Bourgoine, a graduate student at Suffolk University who also works in the city, says on Friday, April 19, it would “be great” if people all over Boston wore similar articles of clothing in a show of support for the victims and families impacted by the bombings at the marathon finish line on Monday. “It’s just about coming together to show our support, and is something that would be visually powerful. Anything to put a smile on someone’s face, really. When I saw someone decked out in Patriots gear, it really put a smile on my face.”

Bourgoine has been spreading the word about “Spirit Day” on social media sites like Facebook, where she created a group for the event. She has also been using the Twitter hashtag “BostonSpiritDay,” to try and get others involved, in an effort to increase awareness about the impromptu movement. “I am getting some traction on twitter and getting support from friends and hoping to get that going. There are already so many vigils going on, I just wanted people to show their pride and support,” she says.

Spirit Day