Fox Pulls ‘Family Guy’ Episode That Showed Runners Being Killed

The network has removed an episode of the cartoon that had graphic images of Boston Marathoners being hit by a car.

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Following the marathon attack on Monday, officials from Fox pulled an episode of “Family Guy” that aired in March that depicted the show’s main character, Peter Griffin, driving over runners with his car in order to win the race.

According to a spokesman from the network, the episode, called the “Turban Cowboy,” will not be shown on air and was also removed from the websites and

In the original segment of the show, host Bob Costas interviews Griffin and asks him how he won the Boston Marathon. Griffin responds by saying, “I just got in my car and drove it…and when there was a guy in my way, I killed him.”

The scene, which aired in the U.S. on March 17, was later spliced together with others segments from the same episode to make it seem as though “Family Guy” creators had predicted the outcome of Monday’s tragedy.

In the faux-clip, which made rounds on the Internet on Tuesday, Griffin is seen wearing a turban and dialing a phone number from a terrorist’s cell phone. When he dials the number, it sets off two explosions heard in the background.

“Family Guy” creator and Massachusetts native Seth MacFarlane took to Twitter on Tuesday to denounce rumors that the clip was the original one that had aired on television, calling the edited version repugnant.

MacFarlane’s tweet was shared by others that work on the show, including actor Seth Green, who does the voice of Griffin’s son, Chris.

Below is the edited clip that was put together following the Boston Marathon tragedy: