Here’s What Boston Looked Like on Lockdown

Hint: It's pretty empty.

To get a sense of just how disruptive the hunt for a suspect connected to the Boston Marathon bombing has become, just look at the images people are capturing of Boston on a weekday morning in the middle of April, looking absolutely cleared out. It’s chilling.

Downtown Crossing:

And another:

Here’s the Longfellow Bridge from Cambridge to Boston.

Here’s Massachusetts Avenue in Boston, near the Christian Science Plaza.

Here’s Kenmore:

The ramps to 93-N and 93-S, major arteries of traffic that are now totally empty. This is taken looking “towards Bulfinch Triangle from Cooper Street roofdeck” according to the Twitter account:

Speaking of major traffic arteries, this is the Mass Pike:

And a bridge into Cambridge:

Here’s Harvard Square:

And Central Square:

Here’s Inman Square:

This is, at the least, an affirmation of the city’s ability to disseminate important safety information in the middle of a crisis. That we’re able to keep an entire major city off its own streets is actually quite a feat of modern society. [h/t Business Insider]